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In facilities with overhead cranes, maintenance and repair work on cranes involves a serious risk of falls. In these environments with challenging working conditions, it is vital to use the right systems.

  • Lifelines take up very little space, and lifelines can easily be used for security in areas where the working area is narrow.
  • It can be installed on rails on which overhead cranes run and on top of cranes.
  • XTR Safety lifelines can be installed on concrete or steel surfaces.
  • Uninterrupted movement of personnel on crane walkways is extremely important. Thanks to the XTR Safety specially designed carriage, the user can pass the waypoints without leaving the system.
  • 4 People Capacity
  • 25 Years Warranty
  • Latest European Standards
  • Easy Installation
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminium
  • 1.000.000 USD Liability Insurance


25 Year Warranty

All XTR Safety products are covered by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum

XTR Safety products are manufactured with stainless steel and aluminum materials with high corrosion resistance.


All our operations are protected by insurance with a coverage of 1.000.000 USD against installation errors.

Where to Install the Lifeline on the Crane and Crane Walkway?2023-11-29T15:55:15+03:00

In facilities with overhead cranes, the use of lifelines is necessary for safe operation on the crane and on the crane walkways used to reach the crane.

The installation of lifelines on the crane walkway is done on columns. Installation by drilling through concrete/steel columns is safe and should be preferred. In the case of installation on columns using specially designed clamps, damage may occur over time due to vibration in the crane walkway, which could put the safety of the lifeline at risk.

The installation of the lifeline to be installed on the head of the crane walkways will minimize the fall distance in case of a possible fall and ensure that the fall is stopped safely and at a shorter distance.

In the works carried out on the crane, the wall thickness of the crane steel, the structure and movement area of the crane trolley, the anchor bollard, riser bracket, etc. on at least one beam, taking into account the other elements on the beams. lifeline is assembled using complementary anchor legs. Mechanical installation should be preferred for installation on the crane.

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