Horizontal lifeline is a practical and economical solution for the safety of the personnel involved in rooftop works (stream cleaning, maintenance and repair, SPP projects, chimney measurements, etc.).

  • On sandwich panel and trapezoidal sheet type roofs, a lifeline can be installed directly on the roof surface.
  • XTR Safety, specially designed panel anchors cover a large area on the roof surface, increasing surface strength.
  • With strong rivets, the anchor is fixed to the roof surface and a long life is ensured.
  • The layout planning of the lifelines to be installed on the roof should be carried out by professionals who are familiar with the principles of working at height.

Application Examples

25 Year Warranty

All XTR Safety products are covered by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defects.

Stainless Steel & Aluminum

XTR Safety products are manufactured with stainless steel and aluminum materials with high corrosion resistance.


All our operations are protected by insurance with a coverage of 1.000.000 USD against installation errors.

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