Warranty Conditions

Standard Warranty Conditions

XTR Safety guarantees that the products will function optimally during the warranty period. In the event of a manufacturing problem in the product or any of the system parts within the warranty period, XTR Safety will provide free replacement or free repair of this part under the following conditions.

For warranty related requests, you can contact us or any of our solution partners via the website www.xtrsafety.com.

Warranty Period

XTR Safety Fall Arrest Systems and all system components are covered by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of manufacture/assembly.

Warranty Conditions

The following conditions must be met for the warranty of XTR Safety Fall Arrest Systems to be valid.

  • All products used must be manufactured by XTR Safety.
  • Lifelines must have been designed by XTR Safety or an authorized solution partner and this must be documented.
  • Lifelines must be installed by XTR Safety or authorized installation teams and this must be documented.
  • Periodic control of fall arrest systems must be performed at least once a year (every year or after each fall) by authorized solution partners and the “Periodic Maintenance Form” must be completed completely every year.
  • If the product to be replaced under warranty is no longer in production, it will be replaced with an equivalent or higher group product that meets the same conditions.
  • When designing and installing lifelines, roof coverings are assumed to be in ideal conditions. The safe operation of roof fall arrest systems is limited to the warranty period given by the roof manufacturer.

Conditions Not Covered by Warranty

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty.

  • Wear and tear that may occur during normal use
  • Surface corrosion that may occur over time
  • Insulation materials used and insulation problems that may occur after anchoring on roofs
  • Problems that may occur due to faulty assembly and line design
  • By-products not manufactured by XTR Safety (anchor legs, brackets, personal protective equipment, etc.)
  • Problems arising from the surfaces on which the anchor elements are mounted (roof coverings, concrete, steel surfaces, etc.)
  • Non-metal or textile products used with the system (rope, lanyard, etc.)
  • Visual wear and tear that may occur on the products (fading of colors due to UV rays, damage to labels, etc.)

The following conditions exclude the systems from warranty coverage

  • Damage and wear and tear during a fall stop or even during loading
  • The warranty will resume after the parts are replaced by the authorized service center.
  • Failure to carry out the required periodic controls on time or by unauthorized persons.
  • Failure or incomplete filling of the Periodic Inspection Form
  • Changes and interventions made to the system or product without the written consent of XTR Safety
  • Situations caused by the use of systems or products by untrained persons – Situations caused by the misuse or misuse of systems or products other than for production purposes
  • Damaging or removing maintenance warning information and/or labels on the product or system
  • Use of systems or products in combination with other brand products, system elements or custom-made products that have not been approved/tested in writing by XTR Safety
  • Situations that may occur as a result of mounting anchor elements on surfaces that do not have sufficient traction
  • Corrosion and conditions that will occur as a result of indirect or direct exposure of system elements to corrosive substances
  • Continuous exposure of XTR Safety products to high or low temperatures (higher than 60°C or lower than -25°C)
  • Conditions beyond the control of XTR Safety; damage and conditions caused by external factors such as fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, abnormal windstorm, radiation, falling objects, high vibration environments and similar external factors
  • Disassembly and reassembly of systems by unauthorized persons

Replacements/Repairs Under Warranty

  • The following information must be provided in writing during the application to benefit from the guarantee
  • Detailed report of the complaint
  • Photos of the damage caused
  • Date of purchase and installation of the system and/or products
  • Original “XTR Safety Lifeline Delivery Report” delivered to the company after installation
  • Original “Periodic Inspection Form” showing the periodic maintenance performed
  • Details of by-products used with the system


Istanbul, May 2018